enter infinity – the memory man solid state echo

Welcome to this little corner of the internet, where I explore what I think it one of the all time great effect units –  the Memory Man Solid State Echo.

I’ll do a write up in following posts about the design and development, history, changes and versions, but this first post is simply to explain why I love the Memory Man, and why I’m writing this blog.

I first realised I had to have a Memory Man when I saw this video clip:

I loved the guitar sound – the way the echo warbled away, connecting the chord changes seamlessly but without an obvious delay repeat. At the time I think I had a Boss DD-5 delay pedal, and while it sounded great, it was nothing like this.

I googled, like any 2o something would do, and found out that Jason from Lifehouse was a user of the Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man. I found out around the same time that the DMM was also used by two of my favourite guitarists –  The Edge of U2, and Stu G of Delirious. That was enough for me, and I started looking for one of my own.

Out in the wild west of the internet, I found out two things:

  1. There’s not a lot of information on which which version of the MM does what or which version is the ‘best’
  2.  The older Memory Man and the Deluxe Memory Man are EXPENSIVE. As with anything collectable, the vintage versions have gone up a lot in price.


But if you love delay, I think it’s well worth tracking this pedal down. I’ve had a LOT of delay pedals, and none of them sound like my Deluxe Memory Man.

I have various pedals that I like but could sell tomorrow, but the DMM? No way. I still haven’t found a plug in or pedal that sounds anything like it, and it’s a hugely flexible multiFX, making it extremely useful in a studio situation.

Check back to this blog for my thoughts on different versions of the DMM, clips and tips and more Memory Man goodness.